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artemisia brewster herkimer cinnamonkey
googol bradford b clarence neverhot
copperhead martha fudge little ben
rock'em soccer robot mr. teeny automatic cragar the horrible
health angel felix felices howdy timey dude lovely rita
snowbird miss congeniality captain wingnut sant-o-matic
jockey mason mr. peepers coo coo chanel emmett
jojo goes walkies bucky yankee doodle reauxbotte
panama hattie luke dogwalker pocket_watchdog stompy
twitch hell mary johnny bee goode roland
estelle droid campanella still life with robot playbot
atomic comet acrobot sunshine boy frank
crumpet fairy botmother brooster slow learner
sigmund droid tex alien gigabot queen elizabot 9
tookie cheeriobot chauncey terrie r.
scooter angus martinna po
mondo vernon roy orbitson tee thyme
java the bot wimpy    
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